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Know When to Hold 'Em, Know When to Fold 'Em (Kansas Gambling)


Fri, Sep 9 – Mon, Sep 12

(4 Days)

Bus Trip

Walking Level: Light to Moderate

You've hit the Jackpot with this trip to Kansas City with Special Journeys!

We'll begin our trip by traveling to wonderful Kansas City to explore the area's exciting casinos, so dust off those dice and get ready to play. There are five major casinos in the Kansas City area, and while we can't guarantee that you'll win, we're sure there will be a couple games that you will truly enjoy playing.

At Harrah's Casino, we will try our hand at one of their 1,500 slot and virtual poker machines. Or try out one of their 60 table games. We'll also get a chance to see their World Series Poker Room, which is the only one in the whole city! With lots of options for food, we are sure you'll find something delicious to try before heading onto the next game.

Ameristar Casino is the next place we will venture to and has been voted as one of Kansas City's best. This Casino offers even more options for slot machines, so get ready! Try your hand at Crapps, Roulette, or Blackjack, but if you need a break from Black Jack, you can stop on over to the Hi Vi Arcade and play at one of their many pinball machines or shoot some Skee Ball.

If you're looking for a sport-centric gambling experience, then you'll like this next destination, Hollywood Casinos at the Kansas City Speedway. Hear the roar of the engines as you try your hand at the tables or slots. Then take a break at Turn 2 restaurant which offers great views of the speedway.


The casinos we'll visit also provide excellent shows and entertainment experiences that we will be sure to enjoy as well. And of course, each casino has its specialty dining options as well. Think delicious burgers, fries, yummy Mexican with chips and salsa, mac and cheese, among others!

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