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Adventures in Kansas City


Fri, Sep 27 – Mon, Sep 30

(4 Days)

Bus Trip

Walking: Light to Moderate

Enjoy an exciting trip to Kansas City with Special Journeys! On this vacation we’ll try a bit of everything, you get to experience the amazing activities that this wonderful city has to offer. So, get ready to cook, fly, explore ocean depths and be entertained.

We begin our trip with indoor skydiving…literally floating in the air! At iFLY Kansas City we will step inside the indoor ‘flight chamber” to have a one-of-a-kind experience that allows us to feel what it would be like to soar above the ground. The flight chamber is an enclosed circular glass tube approximately 20 feet wide where the wind will push us up into the air so we will be flying just like we were skydiving, but much closer to the ground and in a safe environment. A professional flight instructor will guide us individually into the tunnel and be right there with

each of us the whole time you are inside the tube. There will be an operator to watch and control the power of the wind from the outside of the tube to ensure our safety. Once inside, the operator will turn on the air at a speed high enough to allow us to literally begin to float above the ground. While inside of the tube, we will be flying with the help of our spotter who will assist you through getting into your super-flying position and then float alongside to help you learn to fly like a pro. It’s an exhilarating, fun, and weightless experience that you’ll never forget!

Our next adventure brings us back to the ground for a show at the New Theater. This state-of-the-art theater and restaurant offer an exciting dining and entertainment experience in one. With stadium-table seating we’ll watch a live stage show while dining on delectable dishes. While the show has not yet been announced, you’ll be sure to enjoy the magic of theater and the joy of great food in one unforgettable night!

Next, we will step into the kitchen for an adventure involving a cooking class at the Kansas City Culinary School. Here we’ll learn about the art of cooking in a comfortable and inviting teaching kitchen. This wonderful school teaches over 600 cooking classes every year. Our custom created class will be taught by an experienced culinary educator to help us learn how to cook. The best part is, we get to enjoy our delicious creations after we’re done!

Our final activity in this adventure brings us to explore the Kansas City Aquarium's SEA LIFE. This wonderful attraction is brimming with oceanic creatures both great and small. At the interactive touch pool, you’ll be able to reach in and touch one of the many amazing rockpool creatures, such as a pencil sea urchin, cowrie snails, sea stars, and more. Then head on over to say hello to Gertrude and Lou, two of the sea turtles swimming around at the Sea Turtle Rescue Center. All of the turtles at the center have been deemed non-releasable back in to the wild, so they spend their days swimming and saying hello to all of the Sea Life Visitors. Gertrude was found off the coast of Florida caught up in marine debris which caused her to have severe damage in her front right flipper. Lou, who loves to eat cucumbers, has a large dip in his shell, and while the staff isn’t quite sure how he got it, you’ll have to see if you can spot him in the tank! We’ll also see mesmerizing jellyfish, Sea Dragons, and of course, sharks! It’s a fun way to end this amazing trip to Kansas City.

After we’re done exploring the Aquarium, we’ll stop by the Crown Center for some exciting shopping opportunities to commemorate our time in Kansas City!

iFly Kansas City indoor skydiving
Kansas City's New Theater
Seadragons at the Kansas City aquarium
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