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Walleye Fishing in Pierre, South Dakota


Tue, May 13 – Fri, May 28

(5 Days)

Bus Trip

Walking: Light

If you like catching fish such as Walleye, Perch, Catfish, White Bass and Crappie, then this is the vacation for you! Special Journeys will be travelling to Pierre, South Dakota. Lake Sharpe is where we’ll be casting our lines, and if we’re lucky enough we may be able to catch a big one. This lake is a narrow channel that stretches 80 miles from the Oahe Dam, and is a superior lake to catch some walleye, in fact, in 1997 nearly 160,000 walleyes were caught!

We will have professional fishing guides to assist us with finding the perfect spot to catch the big one. Andre Adams and his team will help us select the right bait, handle the rods and reels, how to cast, and even assist in getting it off the hook if necessary. Andre has been fishing the lake for nearly 30 years! He learned the lake from his father, who was also a professional fishing guide.

When we arrive, they’ll have everything we need to make the trip as fun and successful as possible, from fishing bait, nets, rods and reels. Life jackets are required to be worn on the water, but don’t worry we will provide those for you too, all you need to do is show up! It’ll be a fun and relaxing trip on the water in Pierre, South Dakota.

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