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We offer ordinary people an opportunity to become extraordinary by realizing their ability to bring joy to those in need. With your compassion and care, disabled individuals will have an adventure that enriches their lives, and, at the same time, you will have an inspirational experience. Join us. Expand your horizons and help others live their dreams! 


  • Interact with the travelers by listening to them and their needs.

  • At attractions, walk with the travelers and engage them in the experience.

  • At gift stores, assist the travelers in selecting items so they can take memorable souvenirs home.

  • Sit with travelers on the bus and at meal times.

  • At mealtimes, help with drinks, ordering from the menu, and general eating assistance as needed.

  • At the hotel, assist with personal cares as described on the Special Journeys paperwork for each traveler.

  • Help with basic life skills at night and in the mornings (such as bathing, grooming, appropriate clothing choices)

  • Engage Travelers in conversations to help them feel a part of the group, and give them attention to help them understand they are special

  • Regularly communicate with your Head Travel Companion on how the trip is going from your perspective and let them know anything you may need assistance with or have questions about.


  • An interest in helping others

  • Compassion

  • Flexibility

  • Willingness to jump in and help where needed

  • Ability to follow directions from the Tour Leaders

  • Desire to have fun


  • Opportunity to travel and see different, exciting areas

  • Chance to undertake leadership roles

  • A sense of satisfaction in helping others

  • Meet some amazing people

  • Most importantly, play a crucial role in helping make people’s dreams come true

  • All travel costs covered (except souvenirs and snack)


  • Be at least 18 years of age (19 if you live in Nebraska)

  • Submit a completed Travel Companion Application

  • Pass background and reference checks

  • Pass an Interview with the Travel Companion Coordinator

  • Read and sign all releases and non-disclosure documents

  • Follow all Travel Companion policies which will be sent to you once you have become an approved Travel Companion

Not sure if you are ready to apply?

Email Nicole and set up a time to chat:


I was working as a flight attendant with a group of very excited passengers who said they were on their way to Alaska. This group‘s excitement was so contagious that I wrote down on an airline napkin Lexi‘s contact information and said I would get in touch with her some day when my life was not so busy.


Over the years since I have volunteered on several trips with Special Journeys. I enjoy the interaction between the travelers who have just met, as they make new friends. They look out and care for each other as they explore new places and enjoy new activities.


Each time, I go home with a good feeling in my heart as I have just shared in a special trip with very special people.


–  Jean

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